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Our Love
Our Love - Single

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Thanks to the recent addition of their own 21x41ft pool, dogs at Lucky Puppy in Maybee, Michigan got to have their very own doggy pool party

Left feat. Fabian Reichelt
Marek Hemmann
Left / Right - EP

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Étienne-Jules Marey

"Like his contemporary Eadweard Muybridge, Marey, a physiologist, was interested in the science of human movement. By 1882, he had developed a single camera method that he called chronophotography, which allowed him to make images of human and animal movement. His camera was the forerunner of the motion picture camera.

Marey’s chronophotographs were some of the first images to illustrate the exact process of body movement.”

Sylvan Esso
Sylvan Esso
Your Love Is Killing Me
Sharon Van Etten
Are We There

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Some of America’s most absurd laws illustrated in a photo series by Olivia Locher.

I Fought the Law (2014)

1. In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.

2. In Georgia picnics are prohibited in graveyards.

3. In California nobody is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool.

4. In Ohio it’s illegal to disrobe in front of a man’s portrait.

5. In Kansas it’s illegal to serve wine in teacups.

6. In Utah no one may walk down the street carrying a paper bag containing a violin.

7. In Colorado it’s illegal to have weeds in your yard.

8. In Maine it’s unlawful to tickle women under the chin with a feather duster.

Song For Five & Six
Owen Pallett
In Conflict
4 Minutes by Min Jungyeon
Acrylic on canvas, 200cm x 150cm

4 Minutes by Min Jungyeon

Acrylic on canvas, 200cm x 150cm

Nikki Nack
Every Night (Original Mix)
Lane 8
Every Night - Single
The Shy (Original Mix)
Invisible/Amenaza - Single
A New Dawn
Invisible/Amenaza - Single

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