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The Shy (Original Mix)
Invisible/Amenaza - Single
A New Dawn
Invisible/Amenaza - Single
This Song Is Not About a Girl
Flume & Chet Faker
Lockjaw - EP
Dance to the Great Golf Ball in the Sky
Lost My Mind - EP

because right now i feel like dancing…

De Javu
Six Cups of Rebel
Fall In Love
Fall In Love - Single
Will Calls (Marfa Demo)
Grizzly Bear
Shields: B-Sides

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Dan Hays - Colorado Snow Effect (2008) - Oil on canvas

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Out in the middle of nowhere, artist Philip K. Smith III replaced traditional wood panels with mirrored ones to give a 70-year-old shack a complete makeover. At first glance, the clapboard box might not catch your eye, but on closer inspection you will begin to question the tangibility of what is before you. 

"Lucid Stead", located in Joshua Tree, seems to be hovering in the landscape, reflecting and refracting the surrounding terrain as if a mirage or an hallucination. The alternating wood and mirror panels give a surreal illusion that looks like the desert is cutting right through the building.

Photographers & Directors: Lou Mora & Sarah Yates 

We Looked Like Giants (Demo)
Death Cab For Cutie
Transatlanticism - Demos
Nine Inch Nails
Lucid Dream
Mat Zo
Damage Control

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